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This guy needs a kidney, so he’s made a comic.

Zach in April of 2015 found out  that he have an autoimmune disorder that attacks his kidneys to such a degree he need to get a kidney transplant. Pretty jarring especially if you 33 old.

All he wanted is to be better. Immediately. He had to do something to stave the feeling that I was broken.

Stories & music was always a good friend, also can be pretty educated.  So that how Cal the kidney was born. A kidney  who quit his job in search of a better one…

The idea started as a response to the news that my kidneys were failing’, Zach explains. ‘I thought it would be cool to write a children’s story about my experience. That idea turned into Cal. and the story sort of became a comic and then a webcomic and the story became less about my experience and more about a story of a kidney who sucks at his job and wants to find something he is good at… it fit the format of an episodic comic pretty well’.

Now “Cal the kidney” has become a webcomic that introduces readers to a kidney that ‘literally can’t even’, but its just the start of this ambitious journey. Like  Zach says: ‘I know that he will try to be a Superhero, a baseball player, and try to work at a grocery store’. You can follow Cal’s journey right here.

If you want to help, here is a smo things you can do

You can also consider to be a living kidney donor , for Zach’s or anyone you know or don’t know: read all about it here.