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Octapus from the Gang

It was time it time for a role changing:  Octapus with a (double) hood,  ready for visit in a bank (perhaps), but Valia Kapadai did not saw it from this point of view and create some cool looking t-shirt, that you can buy over here.

Valia, creates illustrations with a message to communicate and using colors in a very personal way . Also work on a web comic and accept commissions.








post_apocalyptic_fb_by_neurotic_elf-d6q2350 (1)


Valia Kapadai in deviantart
also there are 2 place which you find Valia art: here & here

The MONSTER nations

Here is a really interesting idea: a website dedicated to showcasing the portraits of the the 193 delegates that make up the Monster United Nations.

The Monster UN is an organisation that runs parallel to (although completely separate from) the Human UN. It was set up to promote peace and security, economic and social development and other forms of international cooperation (such as provision of aid to monsters in need and the application of international monster law) throughout the monster nations of the world.

The Artist in Residence at The Monster United Nations is Sarah Gordon. She is responsible for the series of portraits you see on this website, and more of her work is available for perusal at sarah-gordon.com

You can find more illustrations here: monsterunitednations.wordpress.com