Octapus from the Gang

It was time it time for a role changing:  Octapus with a (double) hood,  ready for visit in a bank (perhaps), but Valia Kapadai did not saw it from this point of view and create some cool looking t-shirt, that you can buy over here.

Valia, creates illustrations with a message to communicate and using colors in a very personal way . Also work on a web comic and accept commissions.








post_apocalyptic_fb_by_neurotic_elf-d6q2350 (1)


Valia Kapadai in deviantart
also there are 2 place which you find Valia art: here & here

Karagiozis shadow theater

I grow up with Karagiozi shadow theater, and i always respect this self-taught hard-working artist that move from town to town every 3 days and start the story of Karagiozis all over again, for a new audiens. During the rest or durning the travel they create designs and manufacter their leather figures and sometimes new stories.

Every Karagiozpaichtis ( the master of puppet), had 2 trademarks:  His voice nad his figure, in heavt theatrical style, and deep respect for the tradiotions.

In those dat very rare i see Karagiozpaichti any more, and when i saw

Stefanou Papadimou thesis that was made for graphic design department of the TEI of Athens, i was very happy. Its about a research among the shadow theaters from their birth till we reach the Greek Karagiozis and an effort to give a personal identity to a shadow theater.

Let me transfer his own words:
Karagiozis is the greek shadow theater. The concept was to give a personal id
to a theater like this. Karagoz, Karagioz and Karagous was the shadow play in countries
such as Turkey, Tunisia, the Libyan sea, palestine, Syria and Algeria. Each country
had its own style of play and designing its puppets. The prevailing theories claim
that shadow theater came to Greece via Turkey.

For the logo i needed an element that defines Karagiozis from other shadow theaters,
and i found “sousta”, a patent that Greek puppeteers invented to turn the puppet over
in order to be seen both by two sides.




Greek puppeteers created by their own the eaves and signs for their theater by using
handmade typography with decorative elements in order to publicize their plays.
I followed this technique to give an identity that has references to tradition.
Blue and red elements are combined as a conceptual reference of Greece and Turkey.





Greek puppeteers created by their own the eaves and signs for their theater by using
handmade typography with decorative elements in order to publicize their plays.
I followed this technique to give an identity that has references to tradition.
Blue and red elements are combined as a conceptual reference of Greece and Turkey.














The longtime research that I made before start designing was written down and two books were created. The first one is a research effort to find the logic series that shadow theater followed through time from its birth until we get our own Karagiozis and the second is a presentation of the most important figures of Karagiozis from 1850 till 1940.












Stefanos Papadimos in Behance

Stefanos Papadimow in Facebook

The pixel art of Gerardo Quiroz aka “Kirokaze”

What i really like about Gerardo Quiroz aka “Kirokaze” pixel art is his modern approach. Sharp, strong, clear with depth, light and shadow. Avoids curves wherever he can and the results is a personal approach in a classic point of view. Especially how dark themes is really good and my personal favorites.

Here some image (gifs and stills) from Kirokaze account

Kirokaze is a pixel and digital artist. That’s pretty much it. You can find him at deviantart and twitter


Inhale | 26 song illustrations

Frida Koukoula Kritikou was born in 1992 and she studied Graphic Design. Inhale is an illustrated book that contains 26 freehand song illustrations and is made as her final school thesis.
Every illustration is inspired by the lyrics of the song and the atmosphere of the music.
The purpose of the book is to convey the emotions of this music through pens, ink and color, and as a result the whale in the air made me bit sad and the answer is 42.

The selection of the songs was made by Frida.
The book comes with a Box Set that also includes a 24 song double vinyl.

Alice is that you?

Pay attencion on that:  Good Books is a non-profit organization that sells books and donates all profits to charity.

Plenty, (Mariano Farías and Pablo Alfieri), a bureau of young professionals with a strong passion for graphic design and mothiongraphics is proud to announce the launch of her ambitious project: “We Need to Talk About Alice,” a 3 minute short for  Good Books.
The original idea is by String Theory and music by Liquid Studio, Plenty joined the project with the puprose to create a new and unique version of Alice in Wonderland, for the celebration of the150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel.

Below is a sneak preview! (“We Need to Talk About Alice” launches October 2015).

Original idea String Theory
Music by Liquid Studio

The MONSTER nations

Here is a really interesting idea: a website dedicated to showcasing the portraits of the the 193 delegates that make up the Monster United Nations.

The Monster UN is an organisation that runs parallel to (although completely separate from) the Human UN. It was set up to promote peace and security, economic and social development and other forms of international cooperation (such as provision of aid to monsters in need and the application of international monster law) throughout the monster nations of the world.

The Artist in Residence at The Monster United Nations is Sarah Gordon. She is responsible for the series of portraits you see on this website, and more of her work is available for perusal at sarah-gordon.com

You can find more illustrations here: monsterunitednations.wordpress.com

A4man (Illustrator)

A4man actually is Adam Foreman illustrator, designer and animator who specialises in character design. You can find him in his primary field: games industry, where he work as illustrator and art director. A4man illustrations is a bit quirky, eye catching and full of movement and that’s why i really like his work.

Also made this quirky little animations, that publish in his blog: a4man.wordpress.com


Just about CMYK

A story about 3 ways to mix process colors. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to understand this little animation, all it takes is to have a printer, you know … that smelly little box with the outrageous price of its liquids, that your kid use for his drawing and never never never had ink inside when you really need it.

Directed by Fernán Graziano
Scripts: Fernán Graziano, Santiago Graziano, Miguel Cesti
Art Direction: Santiago Graziano / Gabriel Fermanelli
Character Design: Gabriel Fermanelli
Design: Santiago Graziano
Animation: Fernán Graziano
Sound Design: Fernán Graziano

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