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Eaten by a shark, and then … nice things is happen

A story for that times (always), that all you need is a friend that understands you, and not treat you like a specie for vitrine.
That the story of Pierre the non fashionable parrot, that gets lucky when escape form his fashionable pirate and eaten by a shark, and then … nice things is happen

Director – Mads Weidner,
Technical Director – Aske Nielsen,
Art Director – Gustaf Georg Lindström,
Production Manager – Anne Torp,
CG Generalist – Fah Anuntasomboon,
Rigging – Laura Andersen,
Animation Lead – Marion Strunck,
Animator – Mie Pedersen,
Character Design – Stine Andersen,

Animated answers about living on Mars

Mars its a kind of “hot” this days. There’s a lot of talk about when and how we might all move to Mars, so educator Mari Foroutan and director Nick Hilditch, create the vector animation : Could we actually live on Mars?, to answer some questions in under 5 minutes.

Educator Mari Foroutan

Director Nick Hilditch

Submarine Sandwich by PES

A sandwich not for everyone taste, although good looking, is made by animator PES as a stop-motion flick. It take place in an old-fashioned deli, where lunch is made from old style things (literally). We ‘ll have a Yellow Submarine, extra crunchy and this time with no Beatles in it.

Written and Directed by PES
Animated by Dillon Markey and PES
Director of Photography: Eric Adkins
Edited by Sam Welch
Produced by Sarah Phelps
Production Design by Hannah Alpert
Sound Design by Sam Welch and PES
Final Audio Mix by Nathan Ruyle
Co-Producer: Gregory Stern
Associate Producers: Michael Z. Gordon
Eric Svenson
Alfredo Tanaka
Corinna Vigier
Fabrication/Prop Alterations by Melissa Bloom
Sub Model Fabrication: Pretty in Plastic
Branding Design: Heidi Berg
Lead Carpenter: Ben Richards
Additional Set Dressing: Nate Lay
VFX Supervisor: Cam Leeburg
DCP: Chainsaw Edit
Special Thanks: Mark Soares, NIKON, and our 1114 Kickstarter backers
Filmed in Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA

Charles Burns: Fear of the Dark

Babel, introduced Charles Burns to us 20 years ago. Babel & Parapente had closed, and never see again Charles Burns work. But when i saw the first image of this video, i new exactly who it was, and what i expected to see: a black and white contribution to the horror anthology.

The story goes like this:
A loner stumbles upon the girl of his dreams, but his childhood twists his reality.

Illustrator Charles Burns’ (Black Hole, X’ed Out)