Dimitris Chatzelas by Panagiotis Gournis

Dimitris Chatzelas by Panagiotis Gournis


About you

-Location:Volos, Greece
-Primary media:Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration
-Education:Graphic Design Diploma of higher education, Bachelor of Arts in Concept Art & Character Design (AKTO).



Gournis: Your influences?
Dimitris Chatzelas My influences come from many things. From a movie i saw recently, to visiting places for the first time.
I also find inspiration in old stuff like old signage, bumper stickers ect. because despite the fact that
they were designed years ago, they still work until today.

Gournis: How you manage to develop your own style?
Dimitris Chatzelas Through countless hours of practicing mostly on personal projects.


Gournis: The most important lesson in your education and why, (for example the third law of newton, because …).
Dimitris Chatzelas The most important lesson in my education is never to stop educating myself. From new technology to new books.
From new techniques to new trends (not necessarily following them but it’s good to know what’s “hot”).

Gournis: The most valuable piece of artistic advice you have ever received?
Dimitris Chatzelas Is to ingore the noize whether there is a bad critic i recieved about a project or that i won’t make it as a designer.
I grew up in a society that people where indoctrinated to believe that they can work less and get paid more and if
i decided to be a designer or an artist i wouldn’t make a cent. I can’t say that i’m rich, but i was never out of job.

Gournis: Which you personal weakness that had caused you the greatest difficulty in education or at work?
Dimitris Chatzelas When I was studying graphic design it was really hard for me to manage with colors. Before studying, i used to draw
comics in black and white and i never used colors so that’s probably the reason i had a tough time working with them.
And i hated the smell of oil colors :D…


Gournis: Why it’s important to you, to be in this field?
Dimitris Chatzelas I can’t stop thinking, designing and observing anything creative. I do this from as far as i can remember myself.
I can’t think of doing anything different from the above.

Gournis: Any words of wisdom that you like to share with us?
Dimitris Chatzelas I don’t consider myself wise but as an advice, i would say that don’t be shy to show your work just because you don’t
feel it’s good enough to stand out. Graphic Design is a profession, not a hobby. We show our work to receive feedback
from other creatives and promote ourselves. That’s all…

Gournis: Do you have ‘something’ for those times where your brain run out of ideas and deadlines is running?
Dimitris Chatzelas If I get stuck, I usually listen to music (rock, blues, jazz, ect.), go for a walk or do the dishes :D…

Gournis: You best and worst times as professional designer?
Dimitris Chatzelas My best AND worst time was when I designed a logo for an animal wellfare organization and got rejected. It was one of my
best designs and the clients didn’t like it. But that’s part of our profession. It happens and we just have to deal with it.

Gournis: What do you wish all clients knew?
Dimitris Chatzelas That it takes a time to design a project, whether it’s a poster or a brand identity and that good design is an investment.
Not an expense.

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