Illustrator Dimos Stathis interview by Gournis

About you

-Location: Athens, Greece
-Primary media: Branding, Illustration, Packaging, Video
-Education: Technology of Graphic Arts at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens & Graphic Design Diploma at AKTO
-Major Illustration Projects: Editorial Illustration for Entertainment Weekly (EW) Magazine USA, Illustration Series for Ermis Awards 2016
The Calendar Series (concepts)
-Web site:

Questions: Panagiotis Gournis (
Answers: Dimos Stathis (illustrator at Corn Studio )


-Gournis: Your influences?
-Dimos: I mostly get influenced by movies and music, not specific people, just feelings that other forms of art and everyday life give us. Of course I admire many artists/ painters from different art movements but I try to develop my own style which comes from rather experiences than people.

-Gournis: Skills do you wish you had been taught earlier in your career?
-Dimos: I wish I had the opportunity to have been involved with digital media earlier (I had not an e-mail account until 2008). Also, I wish I knew how to promote my illustrations and make a living from, earlier.

-Gournis: Tell us your best story from the field.
-Dimos:   As a Star Wars fan, waiting for the new movie, I was excited to illustrate about it. So I designed a series of my favourite Siths (I support the Dark Side) as a fan art project . Vassia and Ilias support the Jedi’s and they wanted me to design a Jedi as well. I told them that only if it was for a client I would drew something for the Light Side, so Vassia managed to bring a special christmas project for a client of ours with the most strict deadline ever so far, and so I illustrated “Yoda” in 16 hours. -Usually takes me about 40 hours to finish a single illustration with the style I’m experimenting lately-

-Gournis: We know you as creator, designer, and  also sell you art through here. What is the most delight and the most difficult part?
-Dimos: The most delightful part is that I do what I love and make a living from it. The most difficult part is trying to find new ways to promote my work. Internet helps a lot but it’s developing so fast that I always have to adjust to something new.
Professional life

-Gournis: What do you wish all clients knew?
-Dimos:I wish all clients knew that it takes time to do research on a project and it takes time to illustrate.
Also, trust is a big deal, but I know it also takes time to make someone completely trust you.

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