Marily Da Little Snowflake | The illustrator interview.

Location: Salamina Island-Greece.
Education: Public Institute of Graphic Design.

What is art?
– Who can tell? I think its hard for artists to express themselves in words. For me art is a visual statement that represents my perspective of the world. It’s feelings….and it’s everywere. It’s a universal language.

-What styles are you most drawn to and why?
– As a graphic design I create to communicate – I am visual-thinking problem solver. When I don’t design for clients I usually pick up dark art styles. I always believed that the villain character of a story is always the underprivileged one. “Freaks” are fabulously unique and awesome.

– What is the most valuable piece of artistic advice you have ever received?
If you are not in love with it…If you are not breathing for it and you are not be able to see whats there and not what your eyes see…then just quit and get a “real job”.

– Personal weakness has caused you the greatest difficulty in education or at work?
I would say my passion. I barely sleep because of work and Im always tired.

– Tell us your best story from the field.
Ι designed a memorial poster of a friend of mine that murdered and a great musician inspired of it and wrote a song. That was the best reward not only for mebut also for the memory of my friend.

-Words of wisdom that you like to share with us?
We were born to be real…not perfect. Imperfection is beauty.

– Do you have ‘something’ for those times where you brain run out of ideas and you need to create a design?
Listening to music and watching short animation movies.

-What do you wish all clients knew?
That they should trust the designers.They know what they’re doing.

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