Anthi Tatouage Interview

Great tattoo artist and illustrator? Yes!!!
And that’s how  i decided to have a few words with tattoo artist: Anthi Paraskevaidou.


– What is art?
Art is the greatest form of expression , conveying forms from sadness through to euphoria .
Art is everywhere , if you look for it you will find it . Making art is incredibly therapeutic and although mainly unintentional , most art could be interpreted as being autobiographical .
*Art does not reproduce the visible rather it makes visible by Paul Klee

– Whats your influences?
I am not easily influenced by anything or anyone but what makes me ”tick” is enough to start creating something.
So , my influences mainly are from people who inspire me . This can be a painter , a tattoo artist , a person i admire , musicians , movies , characters , models , personalities with strong character etc.

– Any project you wish to have been involved?
I would like in the future to be involved in tattoo conventions around the world . Just for the experience meeting interesting people , artists , getting new ideas and inspirations from around the world . It would be nice…

– What is your favorite subject matter to tattoo?
I can’t tell you at least yet what is my favorite subject to tattoo , surely i know what is not but if we talk about drawing my favorite subject is definitely portraits . Mostly characters that have been worn . That’s what expresses myself more . I am not the happiest person on earth anyway…


– Skills do you wish you had been taught earlier in your career?
I love skills , whatever they are , so , all kind of skills would be welcome

– Skills that you believe is most important for a tattoo artist?

– What personal weakness has caused you the greatest difficulty in education or at work?
I would say my perfectionist , something it’s not always needed cos it doesn’t even exist .


– Why its important to you, to be in this field?
Anything that helps you express your REAL self fearlessness is important. Tattooing is one of these things to me .

– Any words of wisdom that you like to share with us?
I have a lot .. way too many to remember but something that comes to my mind first is ‘never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary’ by Oscar Wilde


– Choosing a career as tattoo artist was an easy decision?. How you  decided it, and how did you pursuing it?
Choosing a career as a tattoo artist was an easy decision as i didn’t exactly decide it . I originally wanted to be a piercer but the guy who was training me suggested that I start tattooing first and then do piercing later (something i never actually learned in the end) . Although I have been drawing from as early as I can remember , until that point I’d never considered tattooing as a career . So that’s how it started . Pursuing it was the hardest part ! it’s not easy to be trusted when you start a job like this and it’s very hard to find someone to believe in you! I came close to giving up many times , but you have to keep believing in yourself , knock on as many doors as you can and chase any opportunity you can find .

– Do you have ‘something’ for those times where you brain run out of ideas and you need to create a design?
Times like this i dig deep to find out inspiration through things and people who inspire me most but sometimes an instagram scroll down is enough !

– What is the most delight and the most difficult part as a professional tattoo artist?
I am not sure there are delight parts about tattooing.It takes a lot responsibility . Of course we all have our ”good” and ”bad” days ! Difficult parts exist on the whole duration process of a tattoo . From catching the suitable idea for the specific person till you implement it correctly on his unique skin type .

– Your most beloved design and your best-selling design. It was the same.
That would be ideal for a tattoo artist ! Unfortunately is something that happens very rarely ! People are so easily enthralled by current fashions and styles but they don’t always think that’s something permanent on their body.


– Describe your perfect tattoo client.
A ”perfect” client for me is someone who gives me full artistic license to do whatever i want on their skin .

– What do you wish all clients knew?
Healing instructions !

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